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Reduce your wardrobe to preserve the planet? - Alternative #4

Réduire son dressing pour préserver la Planète ? - Alternative #4

Reduce your wardrobe to preserve the planet? - Alternative #4

I adopt the minimalist dressing room


A symbol of abundance and consumption, Fast Fashion has established itself in our wardrobes by increasing our clothing purchases in recent years.

But fortunately, slow fashion is making a comeback for the greater good of the planet and our homes. Much more than a trend, the minimalist dressing room is a real state of mind for more serenity in everyday life.

Tired of feeling overwhelmed by a monumental amount of clothes that you don't use, and which often end up scattered on the floor of your room? (yes we know, but we won't say anything, we promise) Carret Design gives you its tips to make your daily life more pleasant by adopting a minimalist wardrobe.

To start, we're sorting through his closet by removing everything that no longer suits us or everything that we haven't put on for a while. We can already hear you with the "it can be useful..." If you haven't recently put on this pretty t-shirt, you risk never putting it back on. Don't be afraid to only keep a small number of your favorite pieces and a few basics.

Above all, we think of donating our clothes to associations rather than throwing them away. It will surely make someone else happy!

If you have to buy clothes, we favor the second hand or we buy less and better. In addition to reducing its impact on the planet, you will no longer have any excuses for being late in the morning. Less time spent in front of your dressing room choosing an outfit, more time having your coffee or singing in the bathroom!