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Let's preserve blue gold! - Alternative #1

Préservons l'Or bleu ! - Alternative #1

Let's preserve blue gold! - Alternative #1

How to preserve water at home?


Water is a precious natural resource that is important to preserve. For this, Carret Design offers you an alternative with the "5 minutes in the shower" challenge.


Showers are the most important point of water consumption within a household. Did you know that one minute spent singing under your showerhead could use up to 12 litres? Not to mention the increase in the production of greenhouse gases that it generates...


Thus, this challenge offers you to cut your shower in half to save the environment. A very small step that will allow you to halve your consumption. Easy isn't it? So we grab his time and his best music and let's go!


And don't forget to turn off the tap water when washing your hands or brushing your teeth!