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Why put a rug in my living room?

Pourquoi mettre un tapis dans mon salon ?

Why put a rug in my living room?


Often considered as THE centerpiece of the house, the living room is a place of conviviality where we meet as a family every day. Putting a carpet in this living space can be very beneficial for everyone's comfort and well-being. So, what are you waiting for to take the leap?



In 120x170cm or 200x300cm, living room rugs will adapt to all room sizes and will bring a warm atmosphere while allowing you to express your personality. On a tiled or parquet floor, the living room rug will make your floor soft for the feet of your whole family!
For a very refined living room, we opt for the Tapis Otto which will give a touch of color in a very design and modern style.

Otto Rug - 200x300cm - €849



If you have raw wood furniture, choose the Blish rug which will bring a vintage touch to your interior. Finally, for a living room with a Scandinavian design or in light tones, choose the Haag rug which will accentuate the very design style of your living room and will impress all your guests!

Haag rug - 200x300cm - 849€


How do I properly position my living room rug?

Once I have chosen the living room rug that suits me, all I have to do is position it well! For this, I can position it under a coffee table well in the center, provided that the living room rug protrudes slightly on the sides. I can also place it under a dining room table, opting for the 200x300cm so that the chairs are positioned on the living room carpet.

And the interview in all this?

Our carpets have been specially designed to accompany you in all moments of life. In a living room, the carpet is sometimes put to the test, especially if it is positioned under the table where meals are taken. Thus, Carret Design rugs are easily washable with water and Marseille soap. Regarding dust deposits, regular vacuuming removes the majority of dry residue and thus maintains healthier air quality than with conventional wool carpets. To learn more about caring for your carpets, meet here.

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