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Why put a rug in your child's room?

Pourquoi mettre un tapis dans la chambre de votre enfant ?

Essential for interior decoration, the rug invites itself into all the rooms of your house, including your children's room!

Insulation so that the little ones don't catch cold, the carpets Carret Design X Monti Family adapt to everyone's learning pace during floor activities: games, rolls, naps, cuddling moments,...


Find out in this article why you should absolutely put a rug in your child's room!

1) Accompany him in his autonomy

By protecting the floor of the child's room, it facilitates the development of his autonomy by teaching him to fall, get up and thus develop his free motor skills. The child therefore evolves at his own pace in an environment that he appropriates.

2) For moments of ground games

Placing a rug in your child's room allows him to have a play area just for him and he thus builds his play or rest environment that he appropriates at his own pace. In addition, the softness of the mat makes these moments of play softer and more comfortable.

3) Protect the youngest from the cold

Insulating so that the little ones don't catch cold, the rugs tenderly accompany your child in his moments of play, nap or even rolling.


4) Creative rugs to express your personality

Finally, placing a rug in your child's room helps to decorate it and add color to it for a creative and pleasant environment. This is why we have created the Monti Family X Carret Design collection to offer you carpets with a unique design, 100% recycled, all soft and suitable for the youngest. 


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