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Which rug should I choose for my interior?

Quel tapis choisir pour mon intérieur ?

How do I choose the best rug for my home?


Formerly used for its insulating properties, the rug is getting a makeover and has become a real decorative accessory in the living room. But how to choose it? All the answers to your questions can be found in this article.


A carpet consistent with the decor

Corridor rug, large living room rug or design, Berber, geometric... there exists a crowd of tapis, available in all colors, in all formats and in all sizes on our website. To find the model that suits you best, you must: take into account the decorative style of your living room (Scandinavian, abstract or chart), textures and colors. As a reminder, experts advise not to exceed four different colors in the same room, otherwise it will hurt your eyes a lot. Also try to match the rug to the furniture and curtains, without mixing materials and patterns too much.


Consider space

Unlike the bedroom, the kitchen or even the entrance, the living room generally remains one of the largest rooms in the house. We can therefore afford all the follies concerning the size of the desired carpet: 120x170cm, 160x230cm or even 200x300cm. Then it remains to determine its place in the living room. It can very well delimit the space where the coffee table sits or even all the armchairs and the sofa. Note for small surfaces, we preferred to put a small model, rather central in the room, because the XXL format could shrink your living room.


Think about the maintenance of the carpet

A veritable dust nest, the carpet should be vacuumed regularly with a brush to avoid allergies but also to maintain its color well. That is why it is better to choose a rug with a pile that is not too long, as offered here. For more information on caring for your carpet, Click here.