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Monti Family X Carret Design - Montessori Rugs, designs and eco-responsible

Monti Family X Carret Design - Les Tapis Montessori, designs et éco-responsables

Monti Family, emblematic brand of Montessori pedagogy, has teamed up with Carret Design, the benchmark for designer and eco-responsible rugs, to create a exceptional collaboration !


Carret Design X Monti Family rugs accompany the child at every major stage of his development, in all his moments of play and learning.


At a time creative and comfortable, the carpet is a a must in Montessori pedagogy. Insulation so that the little ones don't catch cold, the Carret Design X Monti Family rugs adapt to everyone's learning pace during activities on the ground: games, rolls, naps, cuddling moments...

By protecting the floor of the child's room, it facilitates the development of their autonomy by teaching him to fall, get up and thus develop his free motor skills. The child therefore evolves at his own pace in an environment that he appropriates.


Its eco-responsible material and reducing allergens will preserve the environment and everyone's health. Colorful and designed, these mats accompany you in the implementation of the Montessori pedagogy. They will allow your child to express their creativity in a confident and warm environment.


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