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Zero waste to preserve the planet? - Alternative #5

Le zéro déchet pour préserver la planète ? - Alternative #5

Tips for adopting zero waste - Alternative #5


A trend for a few years, zero waste is taking hold in our homes on a daily basis for a more sustainable and more environmentally friendly way of life.
Many tips that can be easily used on a daily basis can be put in place to reduce waste consumption, and thus participate in environmental protection on its own scale.

Zero waste in the kitchen

A few steps can be taken in your kitchen to reduce your waste. Regarding the preservation of dishes, you can for example replace cling film and aluminum with BeeWrap (cloth coated with beeswax), or use glass storage boxes with a lid, washable and reusable endlessly. .
Also favor buying in bulk and fresh products to avoid single-use plastic packaging waste as much as possible.
Also swap your paper towels and disposable sponges for washable micro-fiber cloths. To sum up, we avoid anything that can only be used once and ends up directly in the trash!




Zero waste in the bathroom

Your bathroom is full of products that can be replaced by zero waste alternatives! You can start by replacing your make-up remover cotton pads with washable microfiber discs.
Concerning the shower products and other creams, do not hesitate to make them yourself, you will thus avoid the waste of the containers. Essential oils, Aleppo or Marseille soap, find the recipe that best suits your needs!


Zero waste is a way of life that, through little tricks like these, helps protect the planet at its level. For the waste already present on our planet, Carret Design offers a solution by transforming used plastic into designer rugs that will decorate your living room to perfection while preserving the planet!

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