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The 5 decoration trends for fall 2021

Les 5 tendances déco de l'automne 2021


Autumn is slowly creeping into our lives as temperatures cool and leaves begin to fall. It is often at this time of year that the desire to redecorate your home and make it a warm cocoon is felt the most.


Find out how to adapt your decoration to the season with these 5 fall decoration trends. Take a good hot chocolate, a very soft plaid and let's go!



1) Comfort above all


Recently, we have really become aware of the importance of materials in our interior. The texture of the materials used must be soft and comfortable above all. 

Again this fall, this trend continues. With telework and the current situation, we spend a lot more time at home; we then gradually abandon the refined side and perfection to favor a cozy interior.

To do this, choose a very soft rug that will comfort you and make your interior a soft and warm place. Find here our collection of very soft eco-responsible rugs.



2) Curves


Always with a view to well-being and fullness, rounded shapes are once again inviting themselves into our interiors. Their very design side inspired by the Scandinavian style and their visual softness seduces decoration addicts!


Discover Blish, our rug with degraded curves

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 3) Plants everywhere!

This Autumn, the vegetation is not to be limited. Fans of design and ecology, do not hesitate to put plants in all the rooms of your house. In addition to being trendy and perfecting a refined and minimalist decoration, plants purify the indoor air.


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4) Faces in Line Art


Inspired by certain works by artists such as Picasso or even Matisse, "line art", which consists of making a one line drawing, makes us switch to a minimalist decoration. Whether on decorative objects, rugs, a cushion or on a wall, this black line on a white background catches the eye.

Discover Otto, our minimalist rug inspired by Line Art and decorate your interior with style for this Autumn!


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5) Orange undertones


Symbolic colors of Autumn and its landscapes, orange hues are making a strong comeback this season. In interior decoration, it brings warmth and luminosity.