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The 4 carpet trends to follow in 2022

Les 4 tendances tapis à suivre en 2022

To find your happiness, nothing better than choosing a carpet that will please you and make your heart beat. But interior design also follows a trend that can be interesting to take inspiration from. In this article, get a preview of the carpet trends of 2022 and get equipped for the new year!


1) Color!

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in bright colors. Although some still favor neutral colors, the choice is increasingly towards bright and cheerful colors that combine to make our rugs pieces close to works of art. Orange is notably making a comeback, combined with cool colors to make it even more vibrant.



2) Focus on sustainable and eco-responsible rugs.


Tapis Otto - 120x170cm - 399€


The increased consumer demand for sustainable products with a better impact on the environment is pushing companies to increase their offer on this type of product. At Carret Design, all rugs are 100% recycled from recycled plastic bottles. Much more than a trend, users are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of their decoration choices on the environment.


3) Express your personality


The rise of social networks like Instagram pushes us to show and express who we really are. For this, decoration is one of the areas that allows you to express your personality the most. It's not so much about trends anymore, it's about who I want to be, no matter what's trendy or not. Click here to discover our collection that will allow you to express yourself through our designer and eco-responsible rugs.

4) Tell stories

In line with the fact that consumers increasingly want to buy sustainably and know the story behind each product, the trend in 2022 is to make our interiors places that tell something through the pieces that make it up. At Carret Design, we want to transcribe our history through each of our designs.