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Swap your car for your bike! - Alternative #2

Troquez votre voiture pour votre vélo ! - Alternative #2

Swap your car for your bike! - Alternative #2

We travel by Bicycle!


When we left early in the morning, when we went on the roads, by bicycle... More than the subject of a cult song, cycling is the best means of transport to reduce greenhouse gas emissions ! 40% of daily trips are made within a radius of 2 km and are twice as polluting. This alternative then makes it possible to preserve the environment considerably.

Did you know that pedaling leaves a carbon footprint of 21g of CO2 per kilometer, which is even less than walking ? In addition to strengthening your small calves, you will reduce air pollution and noise pollution.

If that's not enough to dust off your bike, don't forget that this mode of transport has many positives about your health and finances. No more queuing at the gas pump! 20 minutes of cycling a day can make you happy for the next 12 hours.

So the next time we step outside, we leave the car in the garage and we travel by bicycle!