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Stop polluting household products! - Alternative #3

Stop aux produits ménagers polluants ! - Alternative #3

Stop polluting household products! - Alternative #3

I clean up naturally!


Did you know that the air in our house is sometimes more polluted than the outside ? In question, we find household products sometimes dangerous to health, especially children.

When you know that cleaning up with natural products is also effective than doing it with aggressive products, we take the plunge and grab our feather duster!

A short list of essential ingredients will allow you to clean your entire living space safely and while preserving the planet. 

Le black soap cleans all surfaces as well as your floor by adding it to a large volume of hot water. Le white vinegar, combined with baking soda shines your sinks, showers, stainless steel worktops by removing stains, descaling and deodorizing. tips that in addition to being good for your wallet, will reduce your household waste. 

Don't forget to exchange your sponges and paper towels for micro-fiber cloths, effective and infinitely reusable!

No more excuses to dodge the cleaning! We put on our gloves, a Beyoncé song and let's go!