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Eco-responsible decoration for a better world

Une décoration éco-responsable pour un monde meilleur

I adopt eco-responsible decoration! 


Eco-responsible, what is it?

A term used by many brands, the definition of "eco-responsible" often remains unclear. Much more than synonymous with respect for the environment and nature, being eco-responsible also means giving priority to people, at the heart of the process through their actions and their commitment.


The challenges of eco-responsible decoration

Present in all sectors, eco-responsibility is today to be adopted without moderation in its consumption habits to move towards a greener world.

In interior design, there are several very effective ways to save the planet on your scale. For example, you can recover objects rather than throw them away, and transform them using DIY techniques. This is called upcycling: recovering materials or products that you no longer use in order to transform them into materials or products of superior quality or utility.

Finally, you can also choose to buy your decoration products from companies that use techniques and recycled and recyclable materials, thus helping to preserve the environment.



Carret Design and eco-responsible decoration

The Carret Design company produces eco-responsible rugs that are both recycled and recyclable. They are produced from 100% recycled plastic, harvested from the oceans and landfills.

Thus, buying a Carret Design rug reduces the amount of waste already present and contributes to the well-being of the Planet.

On a human level, Carret Design carpets respect the producers in Denmark, for whom the working conditions are respectful of their well-being.

Consumers are protected by the Cradle to Cradle certification which means that our products do not harm people or the environment, that they have been the subject of an in-depth study on their effects on health, that 'they are made using renewable energy and come from a company that is working to reduce its water consumption and CO2 emissions.

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So what are you waiting for to adopt eco-responsible decoration?