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Focus on the carpet, the essential decoration of this Winter

Focus sur le tapis, l'indispensable déco de cet Hiver

In a living room, the presence of a carpet ensures a warm and elegant atmosphere at the same time. Between Scandinavian rugs, plain rugs, arty rugs and recycled fiber rugs, there are many possibilities for decorating and structuring the rooms of your home.

How to choose your living room rug and maintain it? We will explain everything to you !


Should you put a carpet in a living room? 

The question is legitimate and the answers are often unanimous: it's a big yes! In the living room decoration, the carpet appears to be an essential element. Its presence transforms the place into a more cozy and warm living space. It participates in the decor, it ennobles it as do the curtains or a wall of trendy wallpaper. As practical as it is aesthetic, the rug thus determines the living room styling, just like the sofa or the coffee table. If the carpet can indulge in a few fantasies by dressing in colors, graphic patterns and fringes, its choice must always be made in accordance with the rest of the room.


Choosing the right living room rug

In 120x170cm or 200x300cm, living room rugs will adapt to all room sizes and will bring a warm atmosphere while allowing you to express your personality. On a tiled or parquet floor, the living room rug will make your floor soft for the feet of your whole family!
For a very refined living room, we opt for the Tapis Otto which will give a touch of color in a very design and modern style.


Once I have chosen the living room rug that suits me, all I have to do is position it well! For this, I can position it under a coffee table well in the center, provided that the living room rug protrudes slightly on the sides. I can also place it under a dining room table, opting for the 200x300cm so that the chairs are positioned on the living room carpet.



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