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How to position your mat?

Comment positionner son tapis ?

Essential for interior decoration, the rug invites itself into interiors to create a warm atmosphere while allowing you to express your personality. Well placed, it can enlarge a room or even delimit spaces. 

Discover in this article the tips and advice for positioning your carpet in your interior!


Choose the right size

The first thing to do when you want to add a rug to your interior is to choose the right size. The layout of the furniture and its location will be very important factors to consider. 

If you want to bring chic and elegance, the rug will be wider than the sofa. To enlarge the space, put your armchairs and your sofa around your carpet.

In a large room, you can be bolder and play around with the layout of the rug(s). You can select a large rug, in 200x300, for example, and position your furniture on it. 

The carpet to delimit spaces

To perfectly define the lounge area of your living room, the rug can, for example, be very useful. You thus mark the location of the lounge area in relation to that dedicated to meals.

The size of the rug usually determines its placement. The desired effect is also an important criterion. The carpet can delimit the entire area, and in this case, the furniture is placed on it. If your room is smaller, you'll place the rug in the center of the space, leaving only the coffee table on it. This then brings an impression of lightness and a more refined appearance, while allowing by optical illusion to enlarge your living room area. It will then be quite sober and will present a fairly discreet graphic pattern.

You must take into account different parameters other than the decoration and the position of the furniture. Traffic should not be obstructed. Your rug should also not be placed in a place that prevents you from opening the door of your living room or a closet. You should also pay attention to the risk of possible slips, but also to the fact that it is easy to trip over the carpet. You also choose a sufficient size if you decide to place all your furniture on it.



Regarding the superposition of carpets which is very trendy, it can only be used if the size of the living room is large enough.

By placing your carpet in the center of the seats in the living room, you reinforce the cocooning side of your room.