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How to choose the size of your living room rug?

Comment choisir la taille de son tapis de salon ?

For choose the right living room rug, it is essential to take into account its surface for a perfect decoration. Too small, it would not bring you the desired comfort. Conversely, a rug that is too big could make your living room appear smaller than it really is. It is therefore essential to choose the right size of your living room rug!


The living room area, but also the furniture that is present there, will necessarily impact the choice of carpet. It is therefore important to ask yourself what role you want to give to your living room rug: will it be used for delimit the spaces in your living room or simply bring well-being and comfort ?

To help you, you can also put tape on the floor to mark the dimensions of your living room rug and visualize the size it would occupy in the space. So you can realize how big it should be.


If you have a small living room or a small sofa, favor a living room rug of 120x170cm. Thus, your living room and your sofa will give the illusion of being larger.


Our favorite in 120x170cm


Tapis Otto 120x170cm - 449 €


For a medium size or a large sofa, opt for a size of 160x230cm. This medium size will bring you comfort and will fit most homes and large apartments.


Our favorite in 160x230cm


Tapis Shores 160x230cm - 649€


If your living room measures more than 30m2 or if you want to position the carpet under a large dining table, opt for the large living room rug from 200x300cm. Its surface will delimit a cocooning and warm space where you can relax.


Our favorite in 200x300cm