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Carret Design celebrates Women with a Uniq rug!

Carret Design célèbre les Femmes avec un tapis Uniq !

A 100% recycled carpet limited to 100 pieces in praise of women.


Recent research has revealed that one in two women believe that social media puts pressure on their appearance.

Let's fight for spread self-confidence to all women.



The Carpet that celebrates Women in collaboration with the Women's Foundation


Because a carpet is not enough to change the world, we donate 10% of the profits to the foundation of women who fight for our rights to all.


The Women's Foundation articulates its strategy around 3 major challenges: 

  • Issue #1 - Protect and promote the rights of women.
  • Issue #2 - Empower and support the most vulnerable women.
  • Issue #3 - Create an environment conducive to gender equality, dignity and security.

Beyond physical beauty, each woman's journey, her victories, her defeats and all her lived experiences make each woman the strong and unique people they are today.

"Beauty is singular: it is the addition of unique things that distinguish us from each other and that make us special beings."

The Uniq carpet, the praise of women is our way of celebrating beauty beauty in all its diversity. 
Because every woman is unique, this carpet limited to 500 pieces represented femininity in all its singularity.


"Be proud of yourself. »

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