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5 reasons to put a carpet in a room

5 raisons de mettre un tapis dans une chambre

The bedroom is the room in your home where you can rest and prepare for the day ahead. Intended to bring you comfort, softness and restful sleep, this room must imperatively be accessorized with the right furnishings and the right textiles.


Discover in this article the 10 good reasons to adopt a bedroom rug!



1) Bring comfort to your bedroom

Thanks to their ultra-soft pile, Carret Design rugs will create a warm atmosphere in your bedroom. Get up on the right foot thanks to a very soft and comforting floor.


2) Express your style

Available in many designs and colors, find the rug that suits you and express your personality through the design of your decor! Rather minimalist black and white or colorful graphics? Express your style by putting a rug in your room.


3) Delimit the spaces

Much more than a piece of design, the carpet makes it possible to delimit a space. In a bedroom, it can for example be used to delimit the sleeping area or the office area.

4) Reduce noise

Thanks to our thick coating made of recycled plastic bottles, noise is reduced when walking on the carpet. Your neighbors will be delighted!


5) Secure your child's room

If you opt for a carpet to place it in a child's room, be aware that the latter can reduce the risk of falls by cushioning them. It can also be used as a play mat to make these moments of discovery as comfortable as possible.


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